Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Read Before Buying!

plantar faciitis

In a minute I am going to be sharing with you the top 3 walking shoes for plantar faciitis, including the best choice for all budget sizes.

I will also point out which is my personal all time favorite, but first I want to share some very important information with you.

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Plantar Fasciitis can be a rather painful condition where your heels begin to ache when you walk or run.

It is caused due to the inflammation of a thick band of tissue called the plantar fascia which is present at the bottom of the foot, connecting your toes to your heel.

Plantar fasciitis usually results in stabbing pain which starts in the morning, as your feet begin to limber up as the day goes on; the pain begins to reduce and finally goes away.

However, if you keep yourself in a standing position for too long, or if you move around a lot, then the pain can simply return.

Here are some of the common symptoms that will show:

  • You over-pronate (your feet keep rolling inwards more than they should).
  • You either have high arch or are flat footed
  • You run for long periods on hard surfaces.
  • You have been wearing shoes that don’t fit you well.
  • You are overweight.
  • Your Achilles tendons and/or calf muscles are tighter than usual.

It goes without saying that such a condition is going to hinder your ability to walk or even run.

However fear not, there is plenty of work that has been done on making walking shoes that can allow you to run just like a normal person.

What to Look for in Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Proper Fit: You might think that a proper fit is a given. However, for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, it is doubly important. In order to ensure that you are getting a shoe that is fitting you perfectly, ask a podiatrist. Normally this will not be required however, since you are suffering from a serious problem, it is best to invest in a consultation.

Shoes with Pronation Correction: If your podiatrist tells you that you are an overpronator, then you will need support shoes which can help you to correct it. This really isn’t as hard as it may sound, almost every shoe manufacturer offers shoes that can correct both over and under pronation with adequate support and cushioning.

Arch Support: A weak arch is more than likely if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, so you will require extra support and cushioning. Your foot’s arch is a natural spring that helps to disperse the weight of your body when you stand, walk or run, so if your arch is not strong enough, then there is a good chance that an injury might occur.

Shoes with arch support thus help to cushion the weight and spread it across your feet properly, resulting in a comfortable shoe for your condition.

With that said, there are a few walking shoes for planar fasciitis that you can use to ensure that the problem never bothers you again, here they are:

The Top 3 Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Faciitis

Vionic With Orthaheel Technology Walker (Medium Budget)

vionic orthaheel








I am going to start off with my personal all time favorite walking shoe for plantar faciitis!

This shoe is a dream come true for those who suffer from this problem.

The Vionics Orthaheel is just about the lightest shoes these literally feel feather weight the moment you pick them up.

The moment you put them on, you can immediately feel the comfortable fit of the insoles.

These shoes come with a patented Orthaheel Technology that has been designed by a podiatrist.

Orthaheel helps your foot with a deep heel cut as well as arch support.

Its main purpose is to stop the feet from rolling inwards more than required and it does so with plenty of comfort.

The following are some of the shoes best features:

  • 1st Ray Flexor Zone: Reduces pressure under the ball of the foot.
  • Lightweight CME Midsole and EVA Insole: For peerless support and shock absorption.
  • Premium Full Grain Water Resistant Leather Upper: High quality leather uppers for a smooth, comfortable fit.
  • Antimicrobial Top Cloth: Prevents foot odor and keeps your feet fresh.

The Verdict

Don’t let the simple looks that these shoes sport fool you; there is a lot that is going on under the hood that will make your walking experience smooth as can be and relieve you from the pain that plantar faciitis causes you!

The Orthaheel technology is perfect for anyone who is suffering from planar fasciitis and comes with a fairly priced price tag.

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New Balance MW 928 (Larger Budget)

new balance mw928








The MW928 is another one of the best walking shoe for planar fasciitis from New Balance.

The primary reason why I recommend this shoe as being good for dealing with Planar Fasciitis is because of New Balance’s ABZORB midfoot cushioning.

ABZORB is made from a patented technology and is one of the longest lasting cushioning materials that can be found in the market.

New Balance has also added their Phantom Liner material which adds a lot of comfort to the shoe.

It uses both (barely noticeable) seams, and seamless panels to cradle your foot and provide it with a great fit.

This technology was created by New Balance especially to ensure that the shoe can be worn for long hours without any blisters developing.

Here are some of the main features that the MW 928 offers:

  • Comfortable Leather upper: Allows you to slip your feet into the shoe effortlessly and can quickly adjust to the shape of the foot.
  • Graphite ROLLBAR: A pronation control technology that has been developed by New Balance.
  • Foam inserts: Provides a cushy feel as well as additional padding.

The Verdict

The MW 928 is one of the best and most well reputed shoes from New Balance and is designed to last a long time.

You will really not regret purchasing this shoe, as evidenced by the plethora of positive reviews that it has received!

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New Balance MW 577 (Small Budget)

new balance mw577








If your budget is on the smaller size, you cannot go wrong with this shoe as a plantar faciitis sufferer.

The MW 577 is one of those shoes that is just perfect for almost any occasion.

It comes with an outer sole that is gorgeous to look at, is designed for comfort and is very durable too.

New Balance has added a flat heel tip to optimize the foot strike and help it through the motion of each stride.

Instead of going with laces, the MW 577 has a great new hook and loop closure which is really easy to work with.

The MW 577 is a good walking shoe for planar fasciitis mainly because of the presence of ABZORB Heel technology.

In fact your feet are so well cradled into the shoe that they any weight related, or balancing issues simply become a thing of the past!

Its Polyurethane midsole also provide excellent and stable cushioning to your feet.

The Verdict

The shoe is fashioned in a simple design which means that there is a lot that you could do with it.

It can be purchased for a very cheap price, so you can enjoy all the perks of a modern walking shoe for planar fasciitis without having to cough up extra coin.

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