Top 3 New Balance Walking Shoes for Men

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Today I will be revealing the top 3 New Balance walking shoes for men, and as usual I will provide the top choice for smaller budgets, medium budgets, and larger budgets.

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New Balance is a company that has constantly distinguished itself for providing some of the best footwear ever.

New Balance has a great line of walking shoes for men and their quality is indisputable.

Lined with the best in features that the company is constantly coming out with, New Balance walking shoes for men have garnered a reputation for being extremely comfortable, rugged and balanced to stride in.

Why New Balance

Founded in 1906, the company is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in the world.

The company takes great pride in the fact that it provides the highest quality ware ever; to make good on its claim, it carries out all of its manufacturing in the US and UK.

As a result, their shoes end up being a little higher on the price range.

Their higher price range is well justified though, New Balance is always differentiating its products from its competitors on the basis of technically advanced features, which includes heel counters, gel inserts and proprietary features such as C-Cap cushioning, ABZORB cushioning and ACTEVA.

New Balance has a large selection of shoes for every foot size and shape, including the very narrow and very wide.

Why Walking Shoes For Men

Or why walking shoes at all, you might ask.

After all, running shoes are extremely well padded and strong enough to take on an activity that is a lot more strenuous than walking, then shouldn’t they just breeze through walking as well?

As it turns out, this is not the case.

If you look at running and walking, then while both activities are seemingly similar in appearance, they are in fact quite different.

This difference is what dictates the design of walking shoes for men and women.

A person who is walking has his/her weight distributed more or less equally as one of their foot is always on the ground.

As you walk, your weight very naturally rolls from the heel to the ball and then to the toe, after which the motion repeats itself.

As walking is a gentle activity, your body only has to absorb about 1-2 times its body weight with every step.

While running on the other hand, both your feet can be off the ground at the same time. Since you are also moving at a much greater pace, you generally tend to hit the ground with at least 2-3 times your body weight.

Runners will also tend to hit the ground with their feet flat rather than the heel.

Walking shoes for men and women are thus designed to aid the specific body mechanics that come into play when you are walking, and accommodate the gait cycle of the walking motion.

These are constructed to be more flexible at the ball of the foot in order to permit the foot to roll more naturally at the forefoot.

New Balance has absolutely perfected the art of creating some of the finest walking shoes out there. In fact their products are peerless in helping your gait execute properly.

So which are some of the best New Balance walking shoes men out there?

The Top 3 New Balance Walking Shoes for Men

New Balance MW928V2 (Larger Budget)

new balance mw928










I am going to start off with my all time favorite pair of New Balance mens walking shoe.

The MW928 walking shoe from New Balance is a premier example of footwear engineering.

The shoe sports comes with all the technological innovations that are unique to New Balance and has been receiving rave reviews both online and in sports circle.

New Balance ABZORB midfoot cushioning, that is found in most of their product lines is also present in the MW928 in its newest iteration.

The cushioning simply never gets old and is one of the best that is available in the market.

Phantom liner is an odor resistant material that keeps your shoe fresh.

Phantom liner makes use of barely noticeable seams and seamless panels to provide the highest quality of comfort to the wearer.

New Balance has developed this technology in order to ensure that the shoe can be worn for long hours without the fear of blisters.

The Phantom liner works by equalizing the pressure points that are found along the seams and cut edges.

So far, the MW928 has been hailed as one of the best new balance walking shoes for men!

The amount of support that is present is simply great to have under the feet and what’s truly amazing is that it doesn’t even make the shoe any heavier.

Here are some of the other features that the MW928 features:

  • Foam inserts: For a comfortable wear and additional padding.
  • Leather upper: Provides a smooth fit and adjusts quickly to the shape of the foot.
  • Graphite ROLLBAR: New Balance’s premier pronation control that is designed to help you control your motion.

The Verdict

The New Balance MW928 is a fine example of footwear engineering and can easily last a long time.

Walking in them is simply one of the most pleasant experiences ever and there is no doubt that you will consider it a worthy investment.

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New Balance MW812 Walking Shoe For Men (Medium Budget)

new balance mw812










The New Balance MW812 is a solid piece to have on your feet for almost any workout session, not just walking.

The MW812 fits just as you will expect, even after having worn them around the city for a whole week doing 8 hours of walking a day, these shoes seem just as comfortable.

In fact their comfort level definitely increases as you break into them.

The shoe provides excellent support and stability throughout the entire gait cycle and is very noticeable.

The footbed in the MW812 is sufficiently flexible and permits plenty of mobility.

Here are some of the other features that the MW9812 features:

  • Premium Foam inserts: For a comfortable wear and additional padding that disperses pressure and provides a very comfortable fit.
  • Synthetic upper: Provides a smooth fit and adjusts quickly to the shape of the foot.
  • Graphite ROLLBAR: New Balance’s premier pronation control that is designed to help you control your motion.
  • Single Density PU Midsole – Designed to provide you with cushioning that is very durable and is effective in resisting shock.


The Verdict

These shoes, while being old in the market are tried, tested and a thoroughly well reviewed design.

They offer everything that you want and are one of the best New Balance walking shoes for men that can be purchased at a fair price.

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New Balance M665 (Small Budget)

nb m665










These athletically styled walkers, while lacking in many of the features that are coming in some of the newer shoes from New Balance are still quite up to the mark.

They are very breathable and lightweight (9.9 oz) offering excellent comfort for even the longest of days.

The M665 has a foam padded collar that allows you to slip your foot right into the shoe without any problems and keeps them snug.

The EVA midsole’s cushions provide great padding and support while keeping the foot secured.

Its non-marking rubber outsoles provide excellent traction on even the loosest terrain.

Here are some of the main features that it sports:

  • ABZORB Cushioning: As in most New Balance shoes for men, the M665 too has the ABZORB cushioning system for comfort and protecting the foot against shock.
  • Breathable Mesh Lining: Keeps the shoe free from odor and the feet fresh all day long.
  • Walking Strike Path Technology: Uses a full ground contact sole to encourage the wearer into a healthy walking gait.

The Verdict

All things considered, the M665 can be called a no-frills walking shoe for men that is light on the feet as it is on the pocket.

The shoe has generally received positive reviews in most shopping portals and remains a truly classic men’s New Balance walking shoe!

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