Top 3 Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men

comfortable walking shoes

Hey it’s Mike!

Today’s topic is the most comfortable of comfortable walking shoes.

I will be revealing the top 3 most comfortable walking shoes for men, including a pair for smaller budgets, medium budgets, and larger budgets as well as pointing out my all time favorite.

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So let me ask ya …

Are you simply using your oldest pair of running shoes as your walking shoes?

Did you find the distinction and the difference between the two just too tediously boring to look into?

If yes, then little did you know that walking shoes have become a breed in itself and are just as technically advanced as running or hiking shoes.

This article will help you understand why investing in a good pair of walking shoes can help you walk better, and is in many ways important today.

Finding the Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Men

Finding the right shoes for yourself is a rite of passage, there are a plethora of options to consider and you need to fit it all in your budget too.

When you are out there, trying to get the most comfortable men’s walking shoes, you need to keep 4 factors in perspective –

  • Firstly, you need to choose a shoe that is light enough for your feet.
  • Secondly, get a shoe that has a supportive midsole. A good shoe will have a midsole that can support both arches and flat feet.
  • Thirdly, ensure that your walking shoe has a good supporting heel cup that doesn’t allow your feet to rattle within it.
  • Lastly, walking shoes need to have a drop of 10 mm or less, shoes with thick heels are better suited for running rather than walking.

Analyze Your Gait

These points will help you locate shoes that are best suited for walking, however you need to consider your own feet’s characteristics before buying a walking shoe (or any shoe for that matter).

For instance, if your feet roll inwards while you are walking (i.e. over pronate) then you need a stabilizing shoe with motion control in it.

On the other hand, if your feet tend to roll outwards more than usual (i.e. over supinate) then you need a shoe with additional cushioning.

The Top 3 Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men Are…

Brooks Addiction Walker (Medium Budget)

brooks addiction










The Brooks Addiction Walker takes the award for my all time favorite and most comfortable mens walking shoes!

This walking shoe is simply phenomenal.

Brooks was one of the first companies out there to introduce walking shoes and they are continuing the trend.

Their Addiction Walker is one of the best and most heavily reviewed shoes in the market.

The Walker offers all the comfort of a running shoe, without its weight.

The shoes are adequately well designed, all though these aren’t the trendiest that you can find in the market today, you still won’t look 1995 wearing them on.

Brooks has added an extra wide option for people with rather broad feet, so if your feet are broader than usual, you can expect to find a size that will fit you.

The biggest feature that the Brooks Addiction Walker sports is the MOGO midsole that offers the best quality cushioning that can be found in a walking shoe. In fact we dare say that cushioning of this kind is only present in the best running shoes.

MOGO midsole have been constantly demonstrated to provide a superior fit and feel. Besides, the material is shown to be 33% more resistant to material fatigue than competing offerings.

Here are some of the features of the Brooks Addiction Walker:

  • PDRB triple: A feature that is specific to Brooks shoes, it prevents your ankle from rolling over to the side.
  • Brooks Hydroflow technology: Fluid filled pads in the toe box for cushioning and flexibility.
  • Slip resistant outsoles: Prevents your feet from skidding on rainy days, or on wet terrain.
  • S-257 Cushsoles: Offers excellent flexibility and cushioning.

The Verdict

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a no brainer decision if you are in the market for a comfortable walking shoe for men.

These have been around for some time and have been well received so you can be rest assured that you are not testing new waters here.

The shoes are available for decent price given the features that they offer and how long they will last you.

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Spira Classic Leather (Medium Budget)

spira classic leather










Spira shoes have earned a reputation for being the most comfortable men’s walking shoes!

People who have reviewed them have often stated that walking in them feels like they have springs attached under their feet.

Also, kudos to them for continuing a line of leather shoes as these are fast becoming extinct, even so, they also carry a charm that is hard to resist.

The Classic Leather comes with Spira’s own WaveSpring technology.

It is designed to help you reduce pain and aids in improving your walking gait.

They offer incredible shock absorption by cushioning every step as you take it.

The shoes have also received Medicare seal of approval which is a testament to the quality that they deliver.

Here are some of the prominent features that the Spira Classic Leather also comes with.

  • Full grain leather upper: For an excellent and very comfortable fit.
  • Built in arch bridge: Offers all the support that you will require while walking.
  • Anti-slip Sole: For negotiating with those slippery slopes and terrains.

The Verdict

The Spira Classic Leather is a true classic and can be worn around the house, to the city or walkathons.

They look sporty and are robust enough to last for a long time.

For a little higher budget, you really cannot ask for a more comfortable walking shoe for men if you have the budget to support the price.

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New Balance M990v3 (Larger Budget)











The M990v3 is a motion control walking shoe from New Balance that has been getting rave reviews online.

Motion control is needed for runners who are given to overpronation.

The shoe remains more or less retro as far as looks go, however houses a lot of technological advancement under the hood.

The M990v3 comes with some great features which provide incredible support for your feet.

This shoe comes with a polyurethane midsole that provides great cushioning for long runs as well as great shock absorption and resistance to compression set.

Here are some of the other features that the M990v3 comes with as well:

  • ABZORB technology: Cushioning for the feet, this New Balance patented tech is by far one of the most comfortable to have under your feet.
  • Encap: A core of soft EVA in the midsole along with a tougher polyurethane rim for added support and durability.

The Verdict

If you are suffering from overpronation, this is going to be one of the best options you will come across.

The M990v3 has been around for some time and has received nothing but praise, landing itself on my list of most comfortable shoes for men.

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