The Top 3 Mens Walking Sandals on the Market!

keen np H2

Hey all, I am back again and today we are going to talk about the warmer months, since it is about -2 where I am right now, I am just going to have to think about and talk about warmer weather.

Warmer weather allows us to let our feet breath for once, and one of my favorite things to do is throw on a pair of sandals.  For a casual stroll I may just wear some flip flops, but if I am walking for exercise, those aren’t the best option as I am sure you may know.

For this, it is important that you get a good pair of mens walking sandals.

I of course will be revealing the top 3 walking sandals for men for budgets of all size, as well as be pointing out which is my all time favorite pair.

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First, I want to share a little info with you ..

I get asked a lot, is there really any such thing as the best sandal for men?

Well, with the amount of designs and products that are filling the markets every year, this can be hard question to answer.

These can be used for a ton of activities and if you are living in a hot area, then having sandals might even be called a must.

On here, I am going to discuss what you need to keep in perspective as you are trying to find the best men’s walking sandals for yourself.

I have also extensively tested many sandals myself and have selected my top 3 favorite sandals that I think are the best walking sandals out there.

Types Of Men’s Walking Sandals

Most people probably do not know this, but sandals are one of the most ancient footwear in existence.

In fact the oldest known examples were found in Oregon, and are almost 10,000 years old.

The ancient Egyptians also made extensive use of sandals.

Footwear has come a long way since then of course and today we have a plethora that you can choose from.

Sandals are the best go between flip flops, which offer no protection against rocks and jagged terrain and shoes that totally envelop your feet, making them feel uneasy after a while.

As far as men’s sandals are concerned, there are two types that are available – open design and closed design.

Open design sandals are very light and simplistic in design.

You can easily put them in your backpack as you are heading out to camp, or wear them to the city on a hot day.

Open sandals also have a very long life and are extremely flexible. They can negotiate most regular terrain that you will encounter and even dry very quickly if they get wet.

Kicking off your regular walking shoes and throwing on a pair of open walking sandals is perfect in the summer.

However, while they are excellent light weight footwear, they also do not offer much protection, and you really cannot hope to cross dense foliage in them.

To get around the lack of protection, manufacturers have begun to offer closed designs that enclose the foot in a sheath.

These are a tad heavier than your regular sandals for men since they have lacing and stronger soles than open sandals.

Closed sandals can take much longer to dry and if something does get past that layer of security, then it is going to become bothersome.

On the brighter side of things, closed sandals can very easily be used for light hiking activities and negotiating with most types of trails and are almost always cheaper than hiking shoes too.

So, with two types of sandals to choose from, which one is the right type for you?

To answer that you need to ask yourself if you are planning on replacing your hiking shoes with these or do you just need something for a casual stroll.

Enclosed sandals are better if you went with the former, while open sandal is what you should be looking at if the latter.

The 3 Best Mens Walking Sandals

Ecco Sports Yucatan Sandal (Larger Budget)











This is one of the most comfortable sandals for men that I have ever tried out.

It comes in a versatile design that is also sturdy to boot.

Yucatan has been aggressively marketing these sandals as being perfect for the outdoors and they do a great job at getting you through your terrain of choice (within reasonable limits of course).

The sandals are very lightweight in design and tread patterns that they come with provide adequate comfort.

Its stretch fit material lining ensures that your feet will stay fresh even when you have been walking in them for hours.

Finally, the Ecco Sport’s sole has been specially created out of reinforced rubber that ensures that they do not wear away even if they are used on abusive terrains.

Here are some of the best features that the Ecco Sports Yucatan boasts of

  • Direct injected PU midsole with Receptor technology: Get the most comfortable stride out of the sandals for the longest period.
  • Nubuck uppers: Provides a great and comfortable fit.
  • Dual density CMEVA foot bed: For odor resistant sandals.
  • Stretch fit material lining: Adapts to the shape of your feet.

The Verdict

These sandals can make a great addition to your collection and are really sturdy.

The only downside that I noticed was that they are not recommended for use under water which is something that an open sandal should be able to do.

Still for the build quality that it offers, I cannot recommend it enough.

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Teva Omnium (Medium Budget)











If you have been into outdoor equipments for a good length of time, then the name Teva should need no introduction.

The company has been a pioneer in the footwear industry and has come out with industry winning sandal designs that have been extremely well received by the market, the Omnium being one of them.

The word Teva is Hebrew for nature and that is the lifestyle that the company encourages.

The Omnium range of sandals for men is open sandals that are an entry level product.

However that does not mean that it lacks features, quite to the contrary, the Omnium is a feature packed offering that is better than most other sandals twice as expensive.

Its rubber sole can grab onto any terrain that you throw at it and its compression molded EVA midsole provides a comfortable, smooth ride.

Here are some of the best features that Obern comes with

  • Microban Zinc: Provides a bacteria resistant platform and supportive foam cushioning.
  • Shoc Pad foot bed Technology: Absorbs shock and is extremely comfortable to have under your foot and does not let your feet get tired.
  • Spider XC Runner Outsole: For providing support on uneven terrains.

The Verdict

The Teva Omnium is priced at a very attractive price, which is great for the features that it comes loaded with.

Having worn these for awhile, I genuinely cannot remember which other sandal was as comfortable as this one at this price point.

So if you are looking for a comfortable walking sandals, then this is the one for you.

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Keen Newport H2 (Smaller Budget)

keen np H2











I have saved my all time favorite for last.

This mens walking sandal is simply fabulous.

This walking sandal is by far one of the most popular and the amount of 5 star reviews this sandal has received is insane as you will see below.

The H2 is a functional sandal that features a trendy design.

This is  the best walking sandals for men that I have ever come across!

It instantly feels familiar the moment you slip it on, absolutely no break in time needed here.

The upper of the sandal is lined with a rather porous neoprene substance that is very soft to the touch, obviously designed to help disperse the pressure on the sandal.

The foot bed on this sandal is the best that I have ever put my foot on, period.

Its squishy, jello like feel is really different and great to have under your feet.

Open sandals often have a tendency to allow small particles such as sticks and rocks to get into them.

Keen has added a toe-cap to the sandal to ensure that such incidents can be kept to a minimum.

Here are some of the best features that this walking sandal for men comes with:

  • Compressed Molded EVA midsoles: Provides great support and comfort while walking.
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining: Quick drying material that can help you through more moisture ridden tracks.
  • Non-marking rubber outsoles: Provides the best traction on even the loosest terrain.

The Verdict

The Newport H2 from Keen have quickly become my most favorite sandals.

These are just about one of the most comfortable sandals for men that I have ever come across and considering I am getting a high quality, robust piece that can be used in water for a very cheap price, I am naming it the best value buy and a must have walking sandal.

This sandal is extremely popular as you can see by the over 1,400 5 star reviews below.

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