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Hello my fellow hikers.  I want to share with you the top 3 hiking shoes for men today.

I will suggest the best hiking shoe for smaller budgets, medium, and larger budgets, and of course I will be pointing out which pair is my all time favorite.

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Hiking boots – who doesn’t like that rugged look and feel of pure masculinity that they portray?

Even a casual glance at them can throw you into a reverie of outdoors, trail blazing and all sorts of adventurous activities.

If you are already daydreaming about hitting the wild, then you my friend are at the right spot, because you cannot hope to be out there without a good pair of hiking shoes under your feet.

Today, we have a LOT of hiking shoes for men that can be chosen from, these are very tough, offer excellent cushioning and are also surprisingly light weight.

But choosing the right hiking shoe for you is a matchmaking process that takes some know how and skill.

Here are some points that will help you to make a good decision, and investment.

Why Buy Hiking Shoes?

Just like football players need high quality cleats, marathon runners require the best running shoes, and walkers need the best walking shoes – hikers too require footwear that is specifically designed to help them in their activity of choice.

Shoes that are specially made for hiking depart from many common sense design decisions that are found in their cousins, they tend to be beefier, as a rule of thumb come with water proofing materials such as Gore Tex and have soles that can grab on to even the loosest/wettest terrain like Velcro.

The best hiking shoes for men today, thus have the following features:

  • Lightweight (relatively).
  • Breathable.
  • An adequately spacious toe box.
  • Sturdy, rugged sole.

If you ensure that the hiking shoes that you are looking for have these characteristics, then you can be rest assured of a good stride.

Now, without further ado, let me share with you the top 3 best hiking shoes for men, that not only fully have caught my attention, but are also creating ripples in footwear markets all over the world!

The 3 Best Hiking Shoes for Men

Merrell Moab Ventilator (Smaller Budget)

moab ventilator










I am going to start off with my all time favorite hiking shoe, the Merrell Moab Ventilator, and best of all it falls in the small budget category meaning it can be bought cheaply.

This is by far the biggest fan favorite, you simply cannot find a better mens hiking shoe out there!

The first time I threw these bad boys on, I fell in love.

Their rugged outdoorsy look and feel is charming, to say the least, and they bring excellent features and functionality as well.

First off, the Ventilator is hands down the best hiking shoe for soggy conditions.

If you were hunting the market, looking for a shoe that can help you make your way through marshy conditions, then this is the one for you (at its asking price).

The shoe does not require much of a break in period and is instantly comfortable the moment you put them on.

Some hikers have reported that the heel cup tends to be a little tighter when then put them on, however it only required 2 days of wearing to adjust.

The Ventilators, as their name suggests have excellent breath-ability as they come with a leather and mesh upper.

In fact, using the shoes in high temperature zones is a treat and hot spots are highly unlikely, even after long hours of hiking.

The shoes also grip well and can provide your feet with excellent stability on most types of terrains that you can hope to encounter on your trails.

The Ventilator comes with Vibram outsoles, the finest examples of outsole engineering that you can hope for.

Experienced hikers have commented that even though the treads of the Ventilator have worn out after rigorous and prolonged usage, they still grip on to rock just as they did when they first tried them out, I have not ran into this issue.

Here are some of the other qualities that the Moab Ventilator offers:

  • Compressed, molded EVA foot frame: Provides excellent cushioning and padding for the feet.
  • Merrell air cushioning: For shock absorption and stability.
  • Ortholite anatomical footbed: Gives your feet an extremely stable platform.

The Verdict

The Moab Ventilator from Merrell is the best men’s hiking shoes that I have ever worn.

It is light weight, extremely comfortable to put on and can last as many trails as you can throw at it.

I am not the only person to have this opinion, this is an extremely popular hiking shoe. Click below to read some of the over 700 5 star reviews this mens hiking shoe has received.

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Merrell Moab Gore Tex (Larger Budget)

moab goretex










The Moab GoreTex from Merrell, as its title suggests comes lined with GoreTex fabric.

GoreTex is one of the latest and most well received, technical innovation as far as shoe breath-ability goes.

Unlike most other waterproofing materials that are used in shoes, GoreTex can stop moisture from seeping in, but also allows moisture build up in your feet (such as your sweat) to escape.

GoreTex is used in a variety of different footwear ranging from high end running shoes to boots.

Hikers have commented that their feet have stopped developing sores and blisters after they switched over to the Moab GoreTex.

The reason is obvious, as GoreTex allows the feet to breathe naturally; which means they have lesser stress to deal with.

The only downside that some people have complained about is that if they step into mud, then it can clog the mesh which stops the ventilation.

It needs to be washed away before the shoes can be used again.

However, this issue is present in all shoes that use a mesh lining. The only alternative is to wear leather boots and they can get very heavy very fast.

The Moab Gore Tex has the following features to offer:

  • GoreTex Lining: Get the best water proofing technology available.
  • Vibram Outsoles: For the best traction that money can buy.
  • Compressed Molded EVA: Excellent cushioning and support for off road activities.

The Verdict

The Merrell Moab GoreTex is meant for the serious hiker that does not want to be bothered with wet feet at all!

If you like to spend a great deal of your time in the outdoors, then this is a shoe you need to invest in.

The shoe is more expensive than most other competing offerings but don’t let that put you off, these will definitely last a lifetime.

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The Keen Voyageur (Medium Budget)

keen voyager










And last but not the least, we have the Keen Voyageur.

Keen has been busy marketing these shoes as a hybrid between hiking sandals and hiking boots, they definitely do give that sort of an appearance.

The Voyageur is a great shoe to have if you are trying to negotiate wet, rocky terrain.

Reviews from experienced runners who have been using them have been showering praise for the Voyageur, calling it one of the best hiking shoes for men.

Almost all of them unanimously were of the opinion that the shoe inhibits the formation of hot spots or blisters on the feet and are very comfortable well into the day after they are tired silly.

The following are its prominent features:

  • Textile and water resistant textile upper: While not quite as effective as GoreTex, the materials do a good enough job protecting your feet against moisture.
  • Moisture wicking mesh lining: For continuous air flow and breath-ability.
  • Dual density compression molded EVA: For midsole cushioning.
  • Removable, dual-density foot beds: For added cushioning.

The Verdict

At its price, this is also an elite pair of mens hiking shoes.

Not only do these shoes help you get through your trails without getting so much as a scratch, but they can also outlast most other footwear that you can find in the market at that price point.

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