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The Best Velcro Shoes for Men – Free Shipping!

brooks walker v strap

I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but just have been too busy, so today we are going to talk about velcro shoes for men.

I will be sharing with you the top 3 mens velcro shoes, one for smaller budgets, one for medium budgets, and one for larger budgets.

I will also point out which pair is my all time favorite.

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Some may ask, why would you want Velcro walking shoes for men?

Well …

Besides the fact that they are just easy to work with (remember the time when you were in a hurry and had to tie your shoe laces?), as well as comfortable, there are a ton of other advantages that they offer.

Just What Is Velcro?

Velcro is basically a hook and loop based fastener that was invented by the Swiss engineer George De Mestral in 1955.

The name Velcro also belongs to the company that first manufactured this type of fastener and has become a brand name for the product since (something like Ajinomoto for MSG).

The word Velcro is a portmanteau of two French words – velours meaning velvet and crochet meaning hook.

Hook and loop fasteners such as the Velcro consist of two strips with lineal fabric on them.

On one of these strips are tiny hooks while the second strip has tiny loops.

When these two strips are pressed together, the hooks catch the loop and both the pieces bind together. This bind is fairly secured and does not give away easily.

In fact a two inch strip of Velcro can hold up to 175 pounds of weight.

This strength is determined by the degree of contact between the two strips and they will stay together without any further effort.

Despite the sheer strength that it can exhibit while being latched on, a Velcro strip is very easy to undo, all the wearer has to do is pull them apart from the edge and the two strips will come apart.

Velcro is used in many different applications besides footwear and apparel, NASA for instance used Teflon loops and polyester hooks on their Space Shuttle.

Velcro is also used in auto body panels as the vibrations from the engine can actually secure the hooks and the loops, making the bond even stronger than it originally is.

All of this goes to show that Velcro is a great alternative to the regular laced walking shoes and can in fact do a better job than them.

Velcro walking shoes for men, while not as popular as their lace based alternative, are fast gaining traction in the market.

Their ease of fastening and the lack of requiring constant checking make them an attractive option for many. Plus, I have never heard of people tripping over a Velcro strap yet.

The Top 3 Velcro shoes for men that have earned a great reputation:

Propet Life Walker Strap (Smaller Budget)

propet life walker







I am going to start here with my favorite pair of mens velcro shoes, and better yet it falls in the small budget category!

The Walker Strap from Propet is one of those Men’s Velcro sneakers that you wish that you had known about sooner.

It comes with a full grain leather upper and extended heel counters that give the shoe a very comfortable stride.

The shoe has been especially designed for long walks and has a lot of comfort built right into it and all the reviews that you can find online are pointing to this fact.

Padded tongue and collar has been added by Propet.

Propet has installed removable cushion orthotics into the shoe that can provide adequate support for your feet if you are an over pronators.

Nylon lining has also been used to provide additional comfort.

The Walker Strap also offers excellent arch support which is a boon for people with an improper arch.

Here are some of the main features that Propet Life Walker Strap offers:

  • Rubber Sole: For an excellent grip which can handle most terrains.
  • EVA Midsole with Durable Arch Support: For the most comfortable stride that your money can buy.
  • Medicare Diabetic Shoe: This strap on walking shoe for men has been designed for people with diabetes.
  • Velcro Straps: Don’t waste time tying up your laces any more, the Velcro straps on these allow you to be ready in a second and hold together better than laces too.

The Verdict

The Propet Life Walker Strap is a fine example of men’s Velcro walking shoe.

It looks great and offers an extremely satisfying ride too.

The shoe can be bought at a great price and will last you for a long time to come.

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New Balance MW812 Hook And Loop (Medium Budget)

nb mw812

The M812 are shoes that are recommended by many podiatrists for foot problems.

This is a performance fitness shoe from New Balance that is designed for exceptional comfort and delivers on all fronts.

Its supportive synthetic upper offers a great fit and feel.

The New Balance MW812 is also adequately flexible for walking; its light weight polyurethane sole is designed to maintain comfort while you walk.

The heel also has New Balance’s patented ABZORB technology that makes the shoe well cushioned and also well protected.

In fact ABZORB is great to have under your feet if you happen to accidentally step on jagged terrain or a sharp rock.

These are also some of the most durable men’s Velcro sneakers that I have come across.

My last New Balance were 706 and they lasted a good 1 year despite the fact that I had been using them every day for some very strenuous exercises.

Here are some of the features that the New Balance 816 comes with:

  • Supportive Synthetic Upper: Provides comfort and flexibility for those long walks.
  • ROLLBAR TPU: This feature is embedded into the shoe to provide enhanced stability for people suffering from over pronation.
  • WALKING STRIKE PATH: For the most comfortable walking stride that you can get in a Velcro Walker.
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop: Allows you to simply put on your sneakers with minimum effort.

The Verdict

The New Balance MW812 is an exceptionally good walking shoe that can help you with performance based activities.

It is a pleasure to put on and the Velcro straps mean that you will be ready to go in no time at all.

The shoes are a little on the pricier side of things given that they cost over $100 but these are New Balance after all and their higher cost is due to the superior construction that they possess.

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Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap (Larger Budget)

brooks walker v strap










The Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap is simply one of the best Velcro walking shoes for men out there.

While it is also the most pricy shoe that you can find, its features, and the ride that it offers is well worth it.

Brooks has positioned this shoe for those walkers who have extreme pronation and as such is recommended for a high or a low arch.

Unlike many other walkers out there which are basically watered down running shoes, the Brooks Addiction Walker is designed specifically for walking.

It has adequate shock absorption and cushioning that lends the walker a very pleasant and comfortable experience, but it is also not so heavy, that it becomes a drag after a while.

The shoe has been positively received by the market; many users are calling it the best shoe for walking that they have ever bought.

Here are some of the features that make this shoe so worthwhile:

  • MoGo Midsole Cushioning: Mogo Midsole Cushioning is by far the best midsole cushioning technology that is currently available in the market.
  • Forefoot HydroFlow: For a smooth, well cushioned and flexible ride.
  • Full Grain Leather Upper: Provides an extremely comfortable fit.

The Verdict

These are definitely the most expensive men’s Velcro walking shoes that I have come across, but also the most comfortable, the most durable, and the most supportive.

With a little higher price tag, you might think twice about purchasing them, but consider this, your walking shoes are a long term investment in your health and while you might be paying a little extra now, if you went with a cheaper alternative, you might have to dish out more for another pair of walking shoes if they wore out.

This scenario is unlikely here, given the Addiction Walker’s better quality.

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